GSM-R/FTN Project

GSM-R/FTN Project

A major infrastructure contract for the construction of fibre optic and copper cable duct routes, construction of base station sites and the installation of fibre optic cabling in connection with Network Rail’s Fixed Telecoms Network and Global Satellite Monitoring for Railways. (FTN/GSM-R)

Project scope

The project was to upgrade Network Rail’s telecoms network. It involved the construction, installation of fibre-optic and copper cable routes with civil infrastructure. The route works are conduit systems for power and communications cables. The enabling bases are installations that carry all the power, telecommunications equipment and the monopole or mast structure.

MSD Scope

Installation of approximately 150 base stations nationwide, these were typically reinforced concrete bases that ranged in size from 3m squared to 9m x 3m x 1.2m, MSD also installed FLI and GTL helical piled bases and were one of the first contactors in the country to install the Rapid Deployment Sites, these involved installing a number of precast concrete bases, enabling the sites to be built in a fraction of the time of conventional reinforced concrete sites.

In conjunction with the base sites MSD installed new routes and refurbished existing routes to enable the installation of the fibre cable to the base stations, MSD installed in excess of 250 kilometres of fibre cabling.