MSD provide a wide range of services to the rail industry and beyond – our main work categories are listed below.

In addition to fixed price work MSD can provide experienced Sentinel registered labour of all grades (PTS, Lookout (LKT), Handsignalman (HS), Points Operator (PO), Level Crossing Attendant (LXA), IWA, Controller of Site Safety (COSS), Protection Controller (PC), Engineering Supervisor (ES), Machine/Crane Controller (MC/CC RRV) etc).

Clients include Murphy Group, McNicholas, BAM Nuttall, Clough Smith Rail, BCM, May Gurney & Babcock Rail.


  • Concrete Troughing
  • GRC & GRP Elevated Routes
  • UTX & URX’s
  • Installation of Signalling, Telecommunciation & Power Cables
  • Installation of Cable Tray & Cable Trunking
  • Lift & Relay of Existing Route
  • Ballast & Vegetation Clearance from Existing Routes


  • Tradional Reinforced Concrete Mast & REB Bases
  • RDS (Rapid Deployment Sites) Concrete Bases (these bases are constructed using a precast concrete block, allowing sites to be built in a much shorter timescale)
  • RDS Piled (these sites are constructed using FLI Helical Pile System)
  • Level Crossing Renewal
  • SSP & PSP Bases
  • Concrete Signal & Gantry Bases
  • DNO Bases
  • Points Heater Bases
  • REB Bases
  • Lineside Fencing

Station Works

  • Platform Refurbishment
  • Platform Duct & Drainage Routes
  • Canopy Refurbishment

Our full list of Link-up approved categories includes:

  • Security Services
  • On Track Protection & Warning Services (PC, ES, COSS, Site Warden, Auxiliary Staff, ATWS Operator, Lookout & Temporary Automatic Warning Systems)
  • Machine/Crane Controllers
  • Litter Clearance
  • Scrap Clearance
  • Fly Tipping Removal
  • Foundations (incl Piled & Conventional)
  • Steel Frame
  • Platforms (incl Copers, Paving & Tarmac)
  • Platform Face Walls
  • Modular Platforms incl Trestle
  • Raised Walkways
  • Authorised Walking Routes & Access Points
  • Paths & Safe Cess
  • Road & Pathway Dressings
  • Car & Cycle Parks
  • Roadways
  • Sentinel Registered Contingent Labour (Building Works, Civils)
  • Masonry Structures (incl Brickwork)
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Cable Route Works (incl Troughing & Ducts)
  • Concrete Structures (Mass & Reinforced)
  • Reinforced Earth Structures
  • Gabion Walls
  • Sheet Pile Walls